Ham radio

I received my radio amateur license and callsign OH6KZP in 1994, after becoming interested in the hobby through my dad. Since the spring of 2007 I have been active from contest stations such as OH4A, OH8X, OH2BH, and OH0X.

It has meant antenna tower climbing, Morse code, staying up when "normal people" are sleeping, and generally a lot of fun that helps to unwind from the researchy stuff. Most of my operating is in the big competitions on CW (Morse code) and SSB (talking), either in a multi-operator team or as a single-operator all-band effort using two radios simultaneously (SO2R).

For those not initiated into the mysteries of ham radio, SO2R means to maximize the usage of time by searching for other contest participants with one radio hooked up to one ear, while at the same time transmitting in another frequency band with another radio hooked up to the other ear. Fortunately the transmission is automated!

I will be adding some audio clips that demonstrate this mode of operation that can get a bit tricky and challenging due to fatigue and the multitasking required of the brain; use a pair of headphones to get the most of such clips.

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* CQWWCW/2008 as OH4A. My first serious SOABHP/SO2R entry in the king of all contests, as I call it, resulted in about 3800 QSOs and 550 multipliers = 3.6 million points. See also the UBN file where the logcheckers have detailed my mistakes.

Audio clips

* CQ160CW/2009 run of North America from OH4A. The propagation was exceptionally good. Clip time: 24 January 2009, 0643-0651 UTC.